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Bernafon Juna 7

£1,295.00 £1,195.00

Launched in 2014
Price for one – £1195 │Price for two – £2295

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Juna 7 hearing aid delivers impressive sound technology. This is slightly less expensive than the top model and is the second best hearing aid from Bernafon. This hearing aid is suitable with moderate to severe hearing loss. A good choice for people who are looking for a hearing aid that is easy to use.

With Juna 7

Focus on most natural sound perception
Focus on best speech understanding in the most challenging environments
Focus on fully automatic performance

                                                                                                                           Fit for any ear

The wide range of different hearing aid styles allows you, with the help of your hearing care professional, to choose the perfect solution for you

Selected Features on Juna 7

ChannelFree™ is Bernafon’s proven signal processing system. It is able to analyse and amplify speech signals at a speed of 20,000 times per second.
It provides the hearing aid user with clear and natural sound quality.


i-VC is an intelligent volume control. It is able to remember the difference between speech sounds and non-speech sounds and makes the important speech sounds louder without turning background noise up. When you turn the volume down on the hearing aids smart i-VC response and preserves the sounds in frequencies where speech is present.

Environment Optimizer

This function helps to catch the important speech information that is needed to understand the conversation. This is done by the automatic focus on speech in noisy situations.

Compared to Juna 9 the functions Juna 7 don’t have are:

Adaptive noise reduction feature
No comfort in the airplane when flying
No reverb reduction- echoey rooms will still be echoey
Adaptive directionality- Juna 7 hearing aid is less clever when it comes to focusing the direction of your hearing to home in on speech sounds. Small volume adjustments

Great Sound

Thanks to its placement close to the eardrum and Audio efficiency Technology.
The Bernafon Hearing Aids Deliver a most natural sound experience in any listening environment.

Launched in 2014

Price for one – £1195 Price for Pair – £2295

Bernafon Advance hearing aid, available in all styles CIC, ITC, ITE, RIC


Additional information

Weight 206 kg


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