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Bernafon Zerena 9

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Available in Rechargeable model  

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Zerena is Bernafon’s latest hearing aid technology. Zerena has been introduced in three technology levels. Zerena 9 is the premium hearing aid, Zerena 7 is the mid-level option and Zerena 5 is the entry level hearing aid.

Bernafon has introduced a new feature in Zerena technology and named it Dynamic Environment Control System™ (DECS). It has a powerful dual-radio transmission chip that allows 2.4 GHz direct-to-the ear streaming enabling great sound quality. The hearing aid user no longer has to consider their environment and make any manual adjustments to optimise the hearing. DECS collects information about the environment automatically and works seamlessly in frequently listening environments.


In this article, we will discuss functions of Zerena 9

Who will benefit from Bernafon Zerena 9?
If you have difficulty understanding speech in noise or complex environments, Zerena 9 provides high comfort in the noisy situations. listening to your family and friends in the background noise can be tiring and frustrating. Zerena 9 allows less listening fatigue in noise and designed for people with active lifestyle.


Bernafon Zerena 9 Technology & Features
Bernafon Zerena 9 is full of new features and automatic functions. This is Bernafon’s the best product to date. Bernafon’s latest game changer hearing aid technology DECS makes it easier for the hearing aid user to accurately adapt to listening situations by staying in sync with the environmental changes.

Bernafon’s unique technology Dynamic Environmental Control System (DECS) is made up of four hero features. These are discussed below:

• Continous Environment Detection – This feature works in DECS by constantly collecting information about the environment and will relay the information throughout DECS so that hearing aid user receives an optimised signal without any interference to their listening experience.
Dynamic Noise Management or DNM – Bernafon’s new DNM system continuously adjusts its directional patterns to reduce noise, therefore noise reduction is only added when necessary without affecting the speech clarity. DNM in Zerena 9 gives improved SNR.
Dynamic Amplification Control or DAC – `constantly measures the speech to noise ratios and sends this information to Dynamic Speech Processing. speech versus noise is an important information for signal processing to ensure the correct level of amplification. signal to noise ratio information helps to reduce the amplification noise during the speech pauses.
Dynamic Speech Processing or DSP – DECS sends information to DSP and consists of ChannelFree and Speech Cue Priority. ChannelFree amplifies each phoneme individually and adjusts the gain 20, 000 times a second. Speech Cue Priority separates the sound processing strategy to match the hearing aid users needs. depending on nature of your hearing loss, Speech Cue Priority can either emphasise each phoneme equally or can enhance soft sounds more and hard sounds less.


Bernafon’s Zerena 9 also has other key features, which work side by side with DECS to provide high performance at speech clarity.
Dynamic Range Extender – Zerena 9 benefits from this special feature in all listening programs. the hearing aid is capable of adapting to input level for signal up to 113 dB SPL without distortion. this allows Zerena 9 to give the hearing aid user a more natural sound.
Adaptive Feedback Canceller – in the hearing aids feedback can occur for a number of reasons e.g. when you are talking to someone over the phone or hug someone or wear a hat. Feedback canceller detects and removes whistling before it becomes audible to the user.
Tinnitus SoundSupport – Many people who have hearing loss, also suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus can be perceived as a low or a high pitch sound therefore within the hearing aid you can activate and adjust Tinnitus SoundSupport to accommodate your tinnitus changing needs. Multiple tinnitus relief wounds are available. the personalised tinnitus masking sound option is usually based on client’s audiogram and is targeted to match the hearing test results.

Bernafon Zerena 9 Accessories 

  • Bernafon Zerena models are compatible with the smartphone. You can download the app on your smartphone and control the volume of the hearing aids as well switch between different programs. In case you misplace your hearing aids, with the feature “Find my hearing aids” you can locate them easily.
  • RC-A – Some people prefer not to use the smartphone app with the hearing aids and they have the option of having a pocket remote control, which has similar features of controlling the volume and switching between the different programs.
  • TV-A – this device connects your hearing aids and TV with each other and enhances the hearing levels to the optimal user experience.


Bernafon Zerena 9 Styles 

Bernafon Zerena 9 hearing aids are available in three different styles.

  • miniRITE – this is the receiver-in-canal hearing aid
  • miniRITE +T – this is also receiver-in=canal hearing aid with the option of having a volume control button and telecoil system
  • miniRITE Recharagble- can now easily be upgraded to a rechargeable hearing device. Powered by ZPower, it uses the most powerful and long-lasting silver-zinc micro battery.
  • BTE 105 – this hearing aid is the behind-the-ear style



All the hearing aids are available in different range of colours to suit your taste.


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