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Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2 Hearing aids

£1,895.00 £1,695.00

Launched in 2015
Price for one – £1695 | Price for a pair – £2795

Five-year warranty included

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Unique 440 Fusion2 Hearing Aids

The Unique 440 is the premium range of hearing aids in Widex’s new “Unique” range. The feedback from users of these devices so far has been outstanding, even experienced Widex users say that these are the best Widex hearing aids that they have ever used. Widex have introduced some new technology and some new strategies with this new range including their latest wind noise management feature and for the first time sound classes.


Main Features

  • The Widex unique hearing provides the wearer with an excellent sound quality.
  • Introducing the best- sounding technology for iPhone
  • Wearers have finally found a device that provides exceptional 2.4 GHz direct connectivity and leading-edge sound, with the new WIDEX BEYOND™ hearing aid
  • Hearing aid wearers are seamlessly connected anywhere and anytime, with a customisable app allowing full streaming functionality and control over their listening environment.
  • And a highly innovative integrated signal processing chip-set design, with 100% independent channel separation, minimal delay filters and 4 A/D converters, means BEYOND provides wearers with the cleanest sound of any hearing aid in the industry – even while streaming.
  • No matter what their passions or pursuits – wearers can confidently and effortlessly live life on their own terms.


 Intuitive to use, easy to connect

  • Its easy usability and customisability with the iPhone app is what makes Widex beyond special.
  • The BEYONDTM app gives incomparable connectivity between iPhone and hearing aids, which results in easy to stream, exceptional sound- with an interface that can be personalised by the wearer
  • BEYOND is also the only made-for-iPhone hearing aid with an app that utilizes the familiar swipe functionality for easy navigation.




  • With BEYOND bothersome soft noises are removed while soft speech sounds can be heard.
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction- a purification algorithm that analyses the modulation algorithm that analyses the modulation distinctions between soft speech and ambient environmental noise.
  • This means that BEYOND can accurately determine which sounds to amplify- speech- and which sounds to reduce (ambient environmental noise).




  • The best wind noise algorithm in the industry belongs to the SMARTWIND MANAGERTM in WIDEX BEYOND.
  • It uses active two-microphone Wind Noise Attenuation, including adaptive filtering that analyses the sound from the two microphones in each hearing aid to determine the characteristics of the wind noise and subtracts the wind noise from the signal in the microphone, while preserving other sounds.
  • Studies show that the SMARTWIND MANAGERTM increases speech understanding, while significantly reducing wind noise annoyance.



  • Personalising your BEYONDTM app could not be made any simpler.
  • The BEYOND app can be modified to adjust various sound settings and listening programs to suit their distinct preferences. Settings can be modified with your pictures and exact sound templates to be used in various settings – such as a favourite café when visiting family, or any other social situation
  • And with the Preference Control, wearers can select between clarity of speech and comfort, while the sound equalizer allows them to adjust the details of their sound settings for even more customisation whenever desired.



Leading Edge Sound Powered by Unique

  • Powered by proven UNIQUE technology WIDEX BEYONDTM provides remarkably clear sound quality and enhances the performance.
  • With 2.4GHz pure-link technology sound is captured and purified through the U-platform. A unique and powerful multi-dimensional Sound Classification System is at the centre, where listening comfort and audibility of speech are key.
  • Classified with precision every listening situation and the amount of speech and noise in every moment is identified against the hearing profile of the user.
  • Other Outstanding Widex features:
    • True Input Technology
    • Soft Level Noise Reduction
    • SMARTWIND ManagerTM
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Artefact-free and natural listening sound in all listening settings.
    • Optimising speech understanding




  • Second to none is the Technology in BEYOND
  • When evaluating sound quality in environments found to be the most challenging by experienced wearers, WIDEX BEYOND achieves better than other hearing aids from major manufacturers.
  • When evaluating hearing aid wearer satisfaction, it also performs better in complex listening situations (which normally elicit low satisfaction ratings).


Performance is exceptional in all environments


  • In each hearing aid, four analogue-to-digital (A/D) converters included in Widex’s unprecedented True Input Technology. Works exceptionally well in environments with loud sounds- the most challenging environment of all. An unmatched linear input dynamic range of 108 dB is provided by a linear function of 113 dB SPL- allowing hearing aid wearers to enjoy the most accurate sound in all listening environments- from extreme to everyday scenarios.
  • When put to the test, this technology provided better comfort without sacrificing speech intelligibility, compared to those with normal hearing.


Widex Beyond range hearing aid is introduced in four different technology levels:

Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2  – Premium level

Widex Beyond  330 Fusion2  – Advanced level

Widex Beyond  220 Fusion2 – Select level

Widex Beyond  110 Fusion – Basic level



Unique 440 hearing aid types & Sizes 

There are three sizes of behind the ear model and three in the ear models available. The Passion is the slim, attractive behind the ear receiver-in-canal model and is suitable for most hearing losses. It has no manual controls so can only be adjusted by remote control or app. The Fusion is the larger, more powerful behind the ear model which also features a push button for program changing. The Fashion is the largest of the over the ear models and is mainly for people who want or need a full earmold.

Of the three in the ear models, one is the standard sized in-the-ear, one is the CIC or completely-in-the-canal. The smallest is the CIC-M which is Widex’s equivalent of an IIC or invisible-in-the-canal. Being so small, some features had to be cut from this model, mainly anything requiring wireless communication which this aid cannot fit in.





Additional information

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